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Now is the time to begin eliminating excess belly fat, to tone our stomach and oblique and to strengthen our lower back. You will experience a rigorous full body calisthenic session to improve:

  • endurance
  • mobility  
  • strength 
  • flexibility 
  • agility 

Also information on belly fat reduction, diet and supplements will be offered.

This one hour course is designed for both beginners looking to reduce excess belly fat and advanced athletes who want to further sculpt and strengthen their midsection.

Studio, Gym, Online & In-home 
service available

Small Group, Classroom
 & Personal Training 



TenleyTown, Washington DC
Fitness Center


Glenmont, Silver Spring MD
Fitness Center

Some of our Past Events 



2017 Re-Engineer Your Life 

Holistic Health Summit!

Dr. Ruby Lathon

Saturday, February 4, 2017 

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

See more details @



Downtown Silver Spring Health & Wellness Expo

Sunday October 9th, 2016

It was a beautiful sunny Autumn day


The Yoga Expo was a great event. 

Many thanks to all the participants that stopped by my booth.